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BAY Boots

By Maruti - 12 October 2021

Trendy beige & beautiful black: meet BAY
Are you going for trendy beige or beautiful black this fall? Whatever choice you make, we’ll make sure that you're completely up to date with these cool Chelsea boots from Maruti!

In this blog you will learn more about the Chelsea boot BAY from Maruti and why you should own this eyecatcher. We’ll also tell you more about the origin of this well-known trend: the chelsea boot. Last but not least, we are giving you some styling tips in combination with the BAY boot.


BAY: Chelsea boots to fall in love with

The sturdy BAY Chelsea boots are totally hot this fall. The trend can also be found in the Maruti boot collection this year. Besides basic black, these beauties are also available in beige, the colour of this fashion season. This colour is easy to combine with different shades of beige that you can use in your outfit.

The BAY boots come halfway up the calf and are very comfortable. Because of the elastic insert, the shoe is super easy and quick to put on. This is the perfect boot for both the office and in your free time!



A brief history of the Chelsea boot; a versatile royal boot
The roots of the Chelsea boots lie in the nineteenth century. The shoemaker of the English queen Victoria was given the task to invent an alternative for the lace-up boots. Elastic inserts on the sides of the boot were his answer. This change immediately crowned this boot as the most comfortable boot at the time. With this, the predecessor of the Chelsea boot was born!

Beatle boots
In the 50s, the boots became a real fashion trend in England. Creatives, artists and film directors, they all wore the boots. They were especially found in the London district Chelsea, where the name of the boot is also based on. In the 1960s, the Beatles added to the popularity of the Chelsea boot by making it immensely popular with a wide audience.


How to wear BAY
Today, Chelsea boots are still a favourite. Inspired by the 1950’ but translated into a modern design. The BAY Chelsea boots fit every clothing style. Wear them under a dress with tights or cool leather trousers.

Prefer a casual look? Combine the boots with off-white jeans. Do you want to give your look something extra? Fold the ends of your jeans, it will give your look the finishing touch it deserves!