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Go in style: TYLER is back!

By Maruti - 27 October 2021

The beloved Tyler boots have made their reappearance in our fall collection for a reason: the boots are popular and easy to combine with different trends.

Eén One of these trends this season is combining beige and brown tones in your outfit. That's why we released the Tyler especially this season in a new trendy colour: earth tone.


CreëCreate your crazy autumn look!
You can recognize the Tyler boot by its tough look with robust sole, combined with minimalism. By combining the boot with beige trousers and an oversized cardigan/coat in earth tones, you carry this style through to your entire outfit. Don't forget to wrap your trousers and sleeves to create that extra nonchalant effect and wrap your laces around your boots!


When do you wear them?
Or to be honest... when don't you wear the Tyler boots? On that busy Saturday when you first coach the kids on the sideline, then quickly do the groceries for the weekend and end the day with friends on the terrace? No matter what time of day you wear them, these boots are guaranteed to make you look stylish all day long!

Let us know how you like to wear them, by sharing your Maruti moment! #marutifootwear