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Maruti Footwear // About us

We’re designers, we’re lovers of fashion, we strive to create the best product and experience. All while keeping an eye on the latest trends and fashion, to ensure you always get the best. 
We’ve pushed the envelope with our iconic “touch of animal”, integrating its design from all-over prints to the smallest detail. Ensuring playful and feminine features with every pair we make. This obsession of ours is not only visible but can be felt when you step in a pair of Maruti shoes. We don’t compromise, we take the time and attention to create a perfect fit for every shoe. 
As mentioned before, we strive for the best! Which means we also need to set an example. That’s why we value corporate responsibilities and handle materials in a responsible manner, ensuring nothing goes to waste.  
Our products are created with love in the South of the Netherlands, but they can be seen and found throughout Europe.