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Maruti Footwear // About us

Maruti Footwear - A women’s shoe brand offering a wide range of different shoe styles, from winter until summer. The Maruti collections stand for high quality materials and experimental prints, all faced in a clean design.

From sneakers, ankle boots, loafers, flip flops & sandals to rugged (chelsea) boots & accessories. Every woman can create her own style with Maruti's diversity. At Maruti, we strive for something special, just that little bit extra. The most iconic feature is the well-known 'pixel print ', executed in hair-on material. From all-over prints to small details of the shoe. Many shoes from the collection contain this playful yet feminine feature.

Besides creating the ultimate look, we also want to offer you the most comfortable shoe. We take the time and attention to create the perfect fit. This is why Maruti handles its materials responsibly, for example by using waste materials to make bracelets and other accessories. All this is reflected in the webshop and partner shops. Across Europe, you can find Maruti wherever you want. Made with love in the southern Netherlands.