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Maruti Shoecare

The best way to take care of your Maruti items

Whether it's a new pair of leather boots, white sneakers or sandals, we like to keep new Maruti items looking great for as long as possible.
Below you can read about which care products you need to use to ensure you can enjoy your all-time Maruti favourites for a long time.

Protect them from humidity and dirt

Proper maintenance and preventive protection starts with regularly spraying your Maruti items with Carbon Pro Spray. The spray is suitable for leather, suede, nubuck and textiles and protects shoes and bags from moisture and dirt. Clean the item well before use, then spread the spray evenly over the dry surface at a distance of about 30 centimetres. Then let it dry at room temperature to keep your item in top condition.

Keeps white sneakers fresh

White and fresh, that's how we like to see Maruti sneakers, but keeping them white can be a challenge! With the following products and tips, you can keep your sneakers looking great. Use Midsole Cleaner to lean the sole edges or  Sneaker White to refresh the color of white smoooth leathe shoes. Don't forget to wash our laces regularly for the ultimate fresh look.

Keeping smooth leather items in top shape

Smooth leather Maruti items can last for years if maintained properly! With Carbon Gold cream you'll keep them in good condition. Apply the cream regularly to clean and protect the leather simultaneously. First, wipe the dirt off the item and then apply the cream with a (tea) cloth. Another tip: keep Maruti shoes in shape by using shoe trees. This will prevent cracks in the leather and keep the material nice and supple.

Essential care tips for hair-on leather

Hair-on Maruti items are made of the best leather quality and have a unique look as each product is finished by hand. The following care advice will help you maintain the quality of these items. Treat them with a Water Repellent spray and avoid wearing the items in wet conditions. Prevent the hair-on leather from rubbing against other materials, as this can cause the hairs to come loose.

Tips for preserving suede and nubuck items

Ensure you can enjoy Maruti suede or nubuck items for a long time, it is important to protect them well against water or dirt. Despite the tough look of nubuck leather or suede, these materials are more susceptible to stains or scratches than smooth leather. Give your suede or nubuck items from Maruti a touch-up with the Suede nubuck box. This allows you to gently rub stains or scratches off your item for a gentle cleaning.

Tip: After the gentle cleaning, you can brush up the suede hairs with a suede brush and spray with the Carbon Pro Spray for extra protection.

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